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       Your hosts Peter and Cath Ivey have had a long association with Trout And Trout Anglers. Peter from his younger days has sought out many a trout in the many streams around 'Woollala', those being The Mordeun, Georges, Paradise and Sandy Creeks. Dunmore Trout Waters was used mainly as a private fishery [situated on their sheep and cattle property [Woollala] but with the inclusion of the lakes and the establishment of a three bedroom lodge and a built in baraeque area, they decided to open the fishery to all fisherman.


      Dunmore is located nesr Wandsworth, a tiny dot 35 km north of Guyra and just west of the New England Highway. The fishing, getaway cottage is part of the Ivey family's farming property ''Woollala'.

The main lodge is situated right on the largest lake of the property. Solar power provides all the comforts for family visits or angling groups, and provides a welcome refudge from the changeable weather that is a feature of the northern tablelands. Most winters provide a reasonalbe snow fall. The lodge can accommodate up the 14 people. With two lakes below the main lake, and five smaller lakes above the main lake [all stocked with fighting trout] it brings the total number of fishing impoundments to eight in this area.


      Wandsworth is almost the same driving distance from either Sydney or Brisbane [about five hours] and has become especially popular with anglers from south-east Queensland, as it provides one of the closest quality trout waters to the Brisbane set.


      Dunmore offers a unique place to just 'Getaway', as well with that someone special, or to bring the family and introduce the children to the many sights and sounds of the bush. There are many different species of birdlife on and around the water. Many varieties of water bird can be observed regularly, some being water hens, coots, wood ducks, black ducks, teals and dap chicks. At the edge of the water you can see stilts, plovers, cranes swans and spoonbills.

You also will see bush birds coming down or nesting near the water. Parrots, kingfishers, wrens, maypies, peewees just to name a few. The list goes on.


       Bushwalking is available in ay direction through the tall stringy bark srubs or walks to the top of hills just to see whats on the other side.

       A recent addition to Dunmore has been an entertainment and venue area called The Mayfly.  Small functions, parties, weddings and gatherings can be catered for in this area.


       When the day draws in, get your camera ready for some magnificent sunsets. Pour a glass of wine, put your feet up near a warm wood heater and watch the sun go down. The winter night sky is something to see. The stars at night are so bright and clear. Many people have commented on their clarity.



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